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Tools to educate, empower and engage

The faster things change, the harder it is to keep users up to speed and productive. Traditional training methods just can’t keep pace with cloud technologies and with so many collaboration tools at their disposal every user approaches things differently. It’s time to try something different – contextual support and education tools that provide just-in-time videos, walkthroughs and support topics in small, easily consumable chunks. Just what users need, just when they need it. Now that’s empowering.

Training+ Learning On-Demand

Training+ brings full Combined Knowledge training courses to your desktop in a compliation of videos designed to educate effectively using on-screen demonstrations and animations to support the trainer’s dialogue. The simple and progressive format ensures users understand each concept, how it fits into the bigger picture and delivers knowledge that can be applied immediately.

Office+ Help On-Demand

Office+ Help On-Demand provides instant access to an extensive library of help topics. Each topic includes step-by-step instructions for a specific task, such as saving an attachment or inviting people to a calendar event, along with a detailed video walkthrough. Office+ reduces help desk calls and increases productivity by putting a complete set of reference material at every user’s fingertips. Help is only a click away!