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Enterprise Operations Management for SharePoint

Isolating operational issues in a multi-server SharePoint environment is a challenging and time-consuming task. Operations personnel waste tremendous time and energy collecting, parsing and examining log files to isolate functional errors and maintain service level agreements. Not anymore. SmartTrack takes the detective work out of operations management by aggregating event data across multiple servers and farms, delivering dynamic health scoring and advanced analytics in real-time to ensure operational stability across the enterprise.


SmartTrack takes the detective work out of operations management by aggregating event data across multiple servers and farms, delivering real-time health scoring and advanced analytics in a modern, mobile-friendly web portal.


SmartTrack provides detailed information on the nature and cause of abnormal events within any SharePoint environment, from a single local farm to multiple, geographically-distributed farms.


Interactive dashboards and automated health socoring take the guesswork out of administering complex SharePoint environments by providing the right information, at the right time, to enable proactive platform management.


Why do I need operations management tools?

SharePoint is a complex platform with many moving parts. Most enterprise organizations have several farms comprised of numerous servers assigned to various roles. Manually keeping tabs on all the services, applications and functional components across multiple machines is an impossible task – many environments limp along in a sub-optimal state because administrators are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information required to keep everything running smoothly. Infrastructure management tools provide critical information regarding server-level components, such as storage space, memory consumption, processor utilization and operating system errors but they have zero visibility into the SharePoint application stack. They often provide a false sense of security because they cannot properly measure or interpret SharePoint event streams. To really find out what is going in your environment, you need tools designed specifically for SharePoint, that can make sense of the massive amounts of operational data generated by the system and translate it into actionable metrics in real-time. Only then will you have the data you need to take control of the entire SharePoint ecosystem and ensure operational stability.

What can better management tools do for my business?

An enterprise SharePoint environment represents a significant capital and operational investment. When implemented properly, it also results in a fundamental shift in the way work gets done, information is disseminated and knowledge is leveraged. When service is interrupted, or features become unavailable, it can have a significant impact on the bottom line. With so much on the line, it is imperative that SharePoint be managed as effectively and efficiently as possible. Optimizing uptime and ensuring consistent service delivery keeps user productivity at its highest level and ensures that your organization is getting the most out of its SharePoint investments.

Why choose SmartTrack?

SmartTrack is the only operational analytics solution designed specifically for SharePoint. It collects and analyzes millions of data points from every server across all the farms in your environment, delivering critical dashboards and alerts to administrators in real time. It drastically reduces troubleshooting time by aggregating events from the SharePoint ULS logs, Windows Server event logs and IIS logs into a single, easily searchable database accessible from any desktop or mobile device. With SmartTrack, you will know exactly what is happening in your SharePoint environment at any given time and have the right information to proactively address service-impacting situations. If you are serious about SharePoint then you need SmartTrack.



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