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Put process in its place.

Don’t let process hold your business back. Put process in its place with automatic workflows that work for your business. Connect people, content, data and systems, in a few clicks. Turn inefficient processes into well-run engines.


Orchestrate your work

Every day, thousands of tasks, steps and processes drive your team. Optimize those processes. Orchestrate how work gets done. With Nintex workflow automation solutions, you can automate and simplify complex processes, saving countless hours that your teams can put towards the work they were meant to be doing.

Automate anywhere

Processes are everywhere. Workflow automation needs to be, too. Whatever your platform, wherever the content, Nintex Workflow Cloud gives everyone the horsepower to quickly build process apps and digital workflows. Easily integrate workflows with any business application, cloud service and content repository using Nintex Workflow Cloud.

SharePoint workflows without the work

Nintex Workflow for SharePoint seamlessly integrates with SharePoint and enhances—rather than replaces—existing SharePoint investments. Nintex Workflow integrates into the SharePoint product ribbon and directly interacts with SharePoint data. No import, no export, no middleware. And, Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2016 lets you design and deploy hybrid workflows that interact between on-premises and cloud applications.

With Nintex, you can rapidly design a workflow, test and measure its viability before you scale it across your enterprise. It’s built precisely for a test-and-learn paradigm. In the two-speed world of IT, you can be agile in days and weeks instead of months or years.


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