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Each day SharePoint generates thousands of log entries, from generic service initiation messags to critical system failure notices. Every aspect of farm operation is categorized, prioritized and recorded, only to sit unused until a serious failure occurs. And when it does, finding the one nugget of crucial information that leads to a root cause determination can take hours of tedious searching. While administrators have plenty of options for monitoring the physical and virtual infrastructure that powers SharePoint, the application-level data that contains critical information on how the environment is really functioning is locked away in obscure text files and server event logs.

Until now.

Introducing SmartTrack, the first and only operational intelligence solution for Microsoft SharePoint. SmartTrack is an ITIL-compatible event management system that puts critical information regarding the overall health and operational stability of any SharePoint farm right at your fingertips. By aggregating, filtering, analyzing and mining core application event data, SmartTrack gives operational support personnel the tools they need to quickly isolate and correct functional issues while providing management with a wealth of information and reports to support critical business decisions. Never be in the dark again - know exactly how your SharePoint farms are behaving anytime, anywhere, and on any device with SmartTrack.
SmartTrack for SharePoint
Isolating operational issues in a multi-server SharePoint environment is a challenging and time consuming task.  Operations personnel waste tremendous time and energy collecting, parsing and examining log files to isolate functional errors and maintain service level agreements.  Not anymore.  SmartTrack takes the detective work out of operations management by aggregating event data across multiple servers and farms, delivering real-time health scoring and advanced analytics in a modern, touch-optimized web portal.

SmartTrack provides detailed information on the nature and cause of abnormal events within any SharePoint environment, from a single local farm to multiple, geographically-distributed farms.  Live dashboards display critical operational indicators in real-time.  Detailed reports  enable trend identification and root cause analysis with a rich set of charts and graphs.  And integration with third-party monitoring tools means everything you need to know about your SharePoint environment can be found in one centralized console.

SmartTrack for SharePoint
SmartTrack for SharePoint
The interactive dashboards in SmartTrack provide up-to-the-minute information on all aspects of farm operation.  Events which exceed established baselines are automatically flagged as alerts and displayed prominently in the console, allowing operations personnel to react in real-time to changing conditions within their environment.  The advanced health scoring metrics give a clear visual indication when conditions are degrading or trending in a negative direction.  SmartTrack takes the guesswork out of administering complex SharePoint environments by providing the right information, at the right time, to enable proactive platform management.
SMARTtrack Services
  • End-user technical support
  • Security and permission management
  • System administration and maintenance
  • Patches and upgrades
  • Server deployment
  • Content migration
  • Service provisioning and configuration
  • Data protection and disaster recovery
  • Proactive performance monitoring
  • System health checks
  • Server management and issue resolution
  • Summary and detail reports on critical system metrics
  • Establishment and enforcement of best practices
  • Implementation of governance policies and procedures
  • Technical knowledge base
  • Self-help instruction and tutorials
  • Installation of third-party tools and utilities

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