Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to some of the most common questions we receive.  If you need additional help, please visit our support page.

Q: What versions of SharePoint does SmartTrack support?

A: SmartTrack runs on SharePoint 2007, 2010, and 2013, including the free (WSS and Foundation) and Server (Standard and Enterprise) versions.

Q: What are the hardware/software requirements?

A: SmartTrack is available in both cloud and and on-premise configurations.  The cloud service requires no additional hardware or software.  If you prefer a traditional on-premise deployment, a Windows server running IIS and a SQL Server are both required.

Q: Is there anything to install in my SharePoint environment?

A: Yes.  The SmartTrack data collection agent runs as a timer job within SharePoint.  A WSP package is deployed by a farm administrator and the collection service parameters configured.  Once set up, SmartTrack runs in the background and consumes negligible resources.

Q: Will SmartTrack affect SharePoint performance?

A: Absolutely not.  SmartTrack was built by developers with years of experience creating highly performant custom SharePoint solutions.  SmartTrack runs as a background task and transmits small amounts of incremental data to a remote web service on a regular schedule.  It will not impact the user experience or overall performance of the farm.

Q: Can I access the SmartTrack portal on a tablet or mobile device?

A: Yes.  The SmartTrack portal uses a responsive interface that detects what kind of device is being used.  It can be viewed on any tablet or smartphone and will automatically adapt to the device's screen size.

Q: Does SmartTrack integrate with any third-party monitoring tools?

A: Yes.  SmartTrack ships with connectors for the Windows server event logs and  Idera SharePoint diagnostic manager (  We are presently working on connectors for additional products; if there is a particular connector you are interested in, please visit our support page and enter a feature request.

Q: I already have monitoring tools, why do I need SmartTrack?

A: Quality monitoring tools are a key part of maintaining operational stability; however, they typically focus on infrastructure components - disk consumption, memory utilization, processor capacity, performance counters and the like.  SmartTrack provides contextual application-level intelligence, giving operations personnel a more complete picture of what is happening inside SharePoint itself, something that monitoring tools alone simply cannot achieve. 

Q: Does SmartTrack work with Office365 / SharePoint Online?

A: Unfortunately, no.  SharePoint online is a closed system that does not provide any API integration at the platform level.  Customers must be satisfied with the status reports provided by Microsoft in the administration portal.  If you are an Office 365 customer and would like to see operational intelligence data included in the platform, please make a suggestion to your Microsoft account representative.

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