SharePoint Connections Coast to Coast Tour

: March 15 - 16, 2011 
Where: Hyatt Regency Hill Country, San Antonio, TX

SharePoint Connections Coast to Coast


The SharePoint Connections Coast to Coast Tour + Microsoft Bootcamp is coming to San Antonio, TX
March 14-16, 2011 at the Hyatt Regency Hill County Resort & Spa. We're bringing the best speakers from SharePoint Connections to you.

Ensure success with SharePoint: Take away practical guidance and best practices for deploying, configuring, managing, and developing for SharePoint 2010

Solve today's challenges: Get questions answered by industry-leading experts and members of Microsoft's product groups

Prepare for tomorrow: Learn how to align SharePoint with your organization's strategic objectives from Microsoft personnel, as well as from experienced consultants

Master the technology: Dive deep into SharePoint technologies and features in over two dozen sessions taught with an independent, "real world" perspective

Deliver solutions to your customers: Explore the features and capabilities of SharePoint that matter to you, including social, search, business intelligence, business process automation, and the cloud

Make the connections: Build relationships with peers and experts

Find the missing pieces: Discover solutions from best-of-class companies that enhance SharePoint's out-of-box functionality

Tackle the big questions: Security and Compliance, Manageability, Governance, Best Practices, Architecture, Performance, and Disaster Recovery

Expand your horizons: Make big leaps forward in how you plan, configure, deploy, develop and manage using SharePoint 2010.

Find local SharePoint resources: If you've struggled to find good SharePoint products and services, and you want to meet new colleagues in the IT business who share some of your business experiences, the SharePoint Connections Coast to Coast Tour is where you can start that conversation, find that consultant, or buy that product that will save you hours and hours of figuring out this enormous product on your own.


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