SPTechCon San Francisco 2012
When: February 26 - 29, 20112
Where: San Francisco, CA

90+ Classes from top SharePoint Experts!
What's at SPTechCon for IT professionals?

SharePoint is way more than a collaborative corporate portal. But now everyone wants to leverage it for their intranets and Web sites, document management, business process management and corporate compliance. At SPTechCon, you'll learn best practices for managing a SharePoint environment and integrating it with other systems to unleash the full power of the software ... and your company!
What's at SPTechCon for business managers and analysts?

Above all, SharePoint is a platform for business applications, and can bring great efficiencies to businesses through use of such things as new social mediacapabilities that make for richer collaboration. SPTechCon features a heavy slate of classes to teach you how to take full advantage of SharePoint, from managing your content, working with lists and libraries, creating intelligence reporting and much more.
What's at SPTechCon for developers?

SharePoint 2010 brought powerful new capabilities to developers who need to customize the software to meet business goals. Features such as the Client ObjectModel, integration with Visual Studio 2010 and Business Connectivity Services can help developers create the applications your business needs to keep its competitve edge. You'll learn how to create applications for SharePoint that solve real business problems, and also see what kind of third-party applications have already been created to run on top of SharePoint.
BinaryWave founder and President Eric Shupps, SharePoint Server MVP, will be presenting three sessions at SPTechCon:
Taming Information Chaos: Metadata, Taxonomy and Information Architecture Fundamentals for Enterprise Content Management
Implementation of a proper information architecture based on well-defined taxonomies and structured metadata can make information easier to find and dramatically increase productivity; however, getting it right the first time is a challenging task. In this session you will learn the fundamentals of structured information management in SharePoint 2010 and receive guidance from real-world scenarios that can be applied immediately within your organization. Topics include information architecture, taxonomy design, managed metadata, creation and publication of enterprise content types, use of document sets, and much more
Building Dynamic Applications with the SharePoint Client Object Model

The Client Object Model provides developers with a rich set of tools for building remote applications using the SharePoint 2010 framework. Learn how and when to use the Client Object Model in your applications, discover how it compares to server-side development, evaluate the potential benefits, and gain a clear understanding of its functionality across multiple platforms.
SharePoint 2010 Performance and Capacity Planning Best Practices

Deploying a SharePoint environment that can scale from several hundred to tens of thousands of users can be a daunting task that requires careful planning and testing. In this session, we will explore SharePoint capacity planning and discuss best practices for the configuration of databases, service applications, web applications, site collections and lists. We will also review ways to avoid common mistakes and highlight tools and techniques administrators can use to monitor SharePoint performance and identify common causes of performance issues.
For registration and more information visit http://www.sptechcon.com

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